Swimming Pool Automation for Inground Pools & Spas

Do you remember the pool you had as a kid? Maintenance was easy: fish out the leaves and add more water from the hose. Today’s luxury pools are several magnitudes more complicated than those summer popup pools. This is why we recommend complete swimming pool automation for every aspect of using and maintaining your pool from lighting to chemicals.

Here’s how it works to save you time and money.

Pool Automation Systems vs Pool Chemical Automation

Pool automation is all about operating the custom features of your pool such as lights, temperature, waterfalls, etc. You can program and save any combination of features for any occasion such as playtime vs entertaining.

Pool chemical automation, on the other hand, is a subset of pool automation. It specifically monitors and maintains the sanitation and clarity of pool, spa and water features on a minute-by-minute basis so that the necessary chemicals are in the pool when it needs them, as it needs them.

This image shows how pool pumps or other automation equipment can be disguised by landscaping.

How Swimming Pool Automation Works

Pool automation systems such as Pentair and Jandy can monitor, program and adjust pool and spa temperatures, chemical levels, lighting (both pool and landscape), spa jets, waterfalls, fountain and deck jets, fire features, music and any other system that can be connected and controlled electronically.

Our preferred pool control automation systems will also communicate with popular home automation systems, so you can access your pool automation through your home automation app and vice versa.

These systems all operate from apps that can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet. As part of our swimming pool start-up service, we will program these features for you.

Automating Moods with Themes

Lighting and water features are two of our favorite ways to give you that resort-style look and feel in your backyard. But if you have to manually turn on lights, jets or wait for your spa to heat up, you’re back in maintenance mode.

With automation, not only do you set up every aspect of your landscape and pool design to run automatically, but you can create specific scenes for entertaining versus relaxing after a long day at work, for different times of the day or different seasons.

For example, if you owned the pool in this photo, you could have a theme that automatically turns on the lights and jets during dinner time so that you could enjoy this view as you dine.

You could create a setting for maintenance or when you're out of town, where all the lights are off and only the minimal systems are running. You could have a setting for playtime with all the lights on or date night with a few lights and the spa at the perfect temperature. Pool automation software lets you save these settings and name them so that you can set the scene with just a tap.

You can set it for a particular day and time, a recurring day (for example “Friday family night”) or use your smartphone to pick a setting on the way home (“Siri, start the ‘long day’ pool theme.”) so that the spa and lights are perfect when you walk in the door.

Automation can extend to all your water features such as bubblers. These create a relaxing, low bubbling froth inside your pool. You can use it to set up the volume of your waterfall, whether you want a gentle trickle or a rushing river sound. Deck jets can be synchronized with lights and music to create the perfect outdoor ambiance.

All of this can be integrated into your home automation system and combined with your pool chemical maintenance system as well.

A luxury pool doesn’t have to mean a lot more work. Whether it’s setting up a theme, getting it ready to use or creating the perfect “hands-off” place to relax; let your swimming pool automation take care of all the details for even greater enjoyment.


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