The 5 Most Sophisticated Resort-Style Pool Elements

If you want to lounge around a luxurious resort-style pool, why travel? At Artisan Home Resorts, we create swimming pools and landscapes that compare side-by-side with even the most high-end luxury hotels and resorts.

What is it that turns an ordinary backyard into a resort-style pool and landscape?

Here are the five elements that we believe are the most sophisticated ways to bring luxury living to your backyard.


Swim-Up Bar and Lounge Area

Forget getting out of the pool, cold and dripping wet, just to grab a drink. A swim-up bar and lounge area are the perfect resort-style pool features for those who love to entertain.

Whether you have a contemporary, Greek, or Mediterranean-inspired pool, your swim-up bar and lounge will bring back memories of that Caribbean getaway.

Want to multiply your resort vibe? Build the bar inside a natural stone cave and swim through the waterfall at the opening for a majestic entrance.

How about a swim-up bar and grill? Create a sunken outdoor kitchen, add a marble-topped bar and seating right in the water for the ultimate “cool” dining experience.

Swimming pool design with a swim up bar

Water Slide

When you want your resort-style pool to make adults and kids happy, add a water-slide. We did exactly that in this hillside pool in Los Gatos.

The client wanted an entertaining yet relaxing landscape design. A stone staircase leads to the entrance of a 60-foot long, custom concrete water slide that curves around the backside of the wall and down into the pool.

While a waterside is definitely resort-style fun for the whole family, it also serves as a visual element that ties the whole landscape together.

Resort style pool with waterslide


Jumping Jets & Pool Deck Jets

Jumping jets create interest and entertainment the whole family will love. Jumping jets randomly squirt bursts of water into the air. You’ve seen children squealing with delight as they chase each jet.

Image of resort-style pool with jumping jets into the lawn.

Pool deck jets are installed on one or many sides of a pool and water appears to “jump” from one side to another. Imagine having the Fountains of Bellagio in your backyard.

During the day, they appear to be clear streams of water. At night, LED lights at the base turn the streams of water into colorful, glowing ribbons. You can choose either fixed or scrolling light colors for variety.

Pool deck jets add a magical ambiance to your nighttime view or to any pool party.

Lights and jets of water transform this into a resort-style pool.


Waterfalls with Hidden Alcoves

Have you visited a Hawaiian waterfall and wondered what was behind that cascading sheet of water? There could be an enchanted land, but it’s more likely to just be rocks.

In a resort-style pool, it could be a seating area, a hidden fire pit or even a cave. You get to create your own enchanted space when your waterfall is designed with something behind it.

The waterfall and alcove could bring an element of perfected nature to your home deep in the city or high on a hillside if it’s built with natural stone formations such as our Angel Falls project.

If you prefer a more contemporary pool design, we can create a bar, lounge area, or spa behind the waterfall and you’ve got the perfect modern hideaway.


In-Pool Spa

With an in-pool spa you get the best of both worlds. You can swim laps or play with the kids in the pool, then you can relax and unwind in the spa without getting out of the pool.

You have multiple options when it comes to resort-style pools and in-pool spas. First, you can have an integrated spa, meaning it is within the shape of the pool in a corner or edge. The water is separated between the two with a dam.

Another option is an overflow spa. The spa is built like an island within the pool, but it’s raised up about 18 inches. The most sophisticated versions have glass tile on the exterior with the water spilling over on all sides. To get into the spa within the pool, our favorite yet functional design is to use “floating” flat stepping stones.

In spa pool example

Bring a Resort-Style Pool to Your Home

Artisan Home Resorts is proud of our reputation for designing and creating luxury resort-style pools that bring superb taste to your property. We are meticulous when it comes to creating a complete backyard transformation for you.

Imagine what Artisan Home Resorts can make possible. You’ll delight in your outdoor oasis every day and your guests will savor every unforgettable visit.


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