Replaster, Reshape or Remodel Your Pool? How to Choose.

Congratulations, you’ve purchased a home that’s nearly perfect for you. But the existing pool needs some help. Should you repair it, renovate it or start over? Here’s how to know whether to replaster, reshape or remodel a pool.

Start by have a professional pool installer assess the condition of the pool. The interior finish or plaster might be discolored, flaking or even coming off in several areas. Pool replastering involves draining the pool, chipping off the old plaster and applying a new coat of plaster. At that time, the plaster company should also look for cracks, loose tile and other issues or damage. While this can seem like a minimal repair compared to other more extensive renovation options, it's still a lot of work as you can see in these before and after videos by California's Gunite and Pool (this is an example, not an endorsement).

On the other hand, if you need plaster repairs and you could imagine something totally different for your swimming pool, it is possible to do a more extensive remodel or even reshape it entirely. Artisan Home Resorts has accomplished this for several clients including one of our favorite projects, Angel Falls.

What’s Involved In A Swimming Pool Remodel?

If you’re looking at your pool and you want to see cosmetic changes, such as new tile, creating a water feature or designing a new deck and landscape, it’s time for remodeling your pool. There could be other concerns such as a portion of the deck that is lifting, coping that’s chipped, or plaster that’s cracked. These issues would also warrant a pool remodel.

Pool designs - colors, finishes, tiles, etc. - can be outdated, just like a home interior or exterior design. For example, your pool could have a 70’s look. Your pool may also lack style and imagination.

To give a pool a fresh new look, we would strip everything down to just the gunite shell of the pool. This entails removing the old interior plaster finish, all the existing tile, the coping that borders the pool, and possibly even taking off the whole deck. This is more in depth work, but it’s still a remodel.

If you’re going to do something that extensive, you should consider replacing the existing plumbing, electrical, and equipment. It’s likely as old as the pool and you may not know how well it was maintained. We recommend taking care of these items while the pool is already opened up and they are accessible.

If you had a classic car that needed to be restored, you wouldn’t rebuild the engine without changing the belts. Likewise, you wouldn’t install a new HVAC system in your home without changing your ducting.

While you’re doing this type of pool remodeling, it’s also a good time to think about proper maintenance of your pool water chemistry with a pool chemical automation system.

Reshaping a Pool and Other Options

Sometimes our clients would like to make more extensive changes to their swimming pools. This can include giving the pool an entirely different shape. We can take an existing, basic square pool or kidney-shaped pool and turn it into a resort-style custom pool, with a modern, contemporary or natural look.

Reshaping a pool involves cutting into the pool structure then changing the shape by removing a wall or two or sometimes even changing the depth of the pool. For example, you might have a pool that is 10 feet deep, but you only want it to be 6 feet deep or vice versa.

There are other possibilities that you might want to consider for your swimming pool such as adding a waterfall, a water slide, fire features, a spa, or a vanishing edge. Nearly anything that we put into a new pool design can be added to an existing pool.

With this level of pool remodeling, we would always design and install an upgraded cleaning and heating system. We recommend an in-floor cleaning system because it cleans very effectively and, unlike an unsightly pool sweep, it’s virtually unseen. An in-floor cleaning system also acts like a heater warming your pool water so the use of your pool can be extended.

Depending on the amount of space in your yard, we can come in and make it look like an entirely new pool without tearing everything out and starting from scratch.

For example, the Via de Marcos pool project was a basic 1970s Corinthian-style pool when the owners purchased the house. Note the square outline, the curved-in corners and placement of the spa.

Pool Remodel. Bay Area. "Before" photo.

After evaluating the look and the condition of the pool, the new homeowners decided to remodel and reshape the pool. The client also wanted the pool to reflect the design of the home which was being simultaneously renovated with a contemporary design style.

We were called in, and during the pool design process, we shared our vision with the clients of how completely different the outdated 70s pool could look. You might not believe it’s the same pool when you look at the before and after pictures.

This image is a 3D rendering of one option for the pool remodel concept. The point of view is facing the left side of the pool from the before photo. Note the curved wall, modern lighting and the relocation of the spa to the long side of the pool.

3d rendering of a pool remodel.

A second option was presented to the client with the spa relocated to the far side of the pool, within easy distance of the outdoor kitchen.

Pool remodel conceptual design option 2 - by Artisan Home Resorts.  Pool Remodel. Bay Area. "After" image from 3D design render.

Remodeling a pool can transform your property without completely removing existing structures or starting over from scratch. If you’re located in the California Bay Area and thinking about reshaping or remodeling your pool, contact us and let us show you what’s possible.




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