Grecian Splendor

Spectacular Small Backyard Pool

One of the things that sets our design team apart is our ability to take an oddly-shaped or small backyard (typical of even high-end Bay Area homes) and create something hugely spectacular!

This project, inspired by the classic Grecian style, is a contemporary wonder of the modern landscaping world.

It utilizes curves in the hardscape to help soften the edges of the otherwise angular backyard. A raised wall lines the back side of the pool and features three specialty waterfalls called sheer descents. We also embedded hand holds in the raised wall as a safety feature for their kids. To soften the harsh point in the corner of this yard, we designed an oval-shaped, stone fire pit.

In the same corner, a raised spa spills over into the pool, providing a constant flow of warm water under which swimmers can take a moment to relax. The side wall of the spa becomes an inviting bench where guests can converse with those who are in the spa, while still staying warm by the fire pit feature. This was not an accidental placement! We carefully and intentionally designed this layout to take advantage of every bit of space in this small backyard pool design.

We designed and commissioned a custom fireplace for the opposite end of the yard. It was fabricated by Architectural Facades in Gilroy, CA. The fireplace is adorned with Cherokee stone - a specialty type of flagstone. A curved bench winds its way towards an outdoor kitchen with a built-in barbeque, sink, and dishwasher. Again, this curved bench is aesthetically pleasing, but is also cleverly adding beautiful function to this small backyard pool design.

As stunning as this backyard is to look at during the day, it is the view when the sun goes down that truly takes your breath away. Carefully arranged lights are placed throughout the yard and illuminate the incredible stonework, plants, and trees that make up the landscape of this home resort.

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