Fire and Water

Unique Pool Fire Feature and Mirror Finish

We were commissioned to build this unique infinity edge pool and spa with a unique pool fire feature. It was designed to integrate a contemporary-style pool and landscape with the contemporary home. We also built the outdoor room extension that incorporates an outdoor kitchen, large seating space and dining area. This “California room” has become a natural extension of the living space and creates a seamless transition to the pool and landscaping.

The contemporary flare of this pool is primarily defined by the 2-foot wide by nearly 10-foot long linear fire pit that is literally inside the pool. The contrast between fire and water in such close proximity is an incredibly powerful way to elevate a design. The edge of the fire pit is set just over 16 inches above the water line to withstand potential wave action or water intrusion caused by swimmers.

The pool's lighting was designed to create a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere. Our client was clear that they wanted a tasteful, understated, and monochromatic lighting scheme. No “Viva Las Vegas” multi-colored lights, they emphasized. We were in agreement because this fits the contemporary aesthetic. This also meant fewer, carefully positioned lights to create a gentle glow that allows the flames of the pool fire feature to be the focal point.

The pool and landscape design also incorporates energy-efficient and water-saving features. The homeowner opted for artificial grass, replicating the look and feel of real grass while reducing water consumption. The functional vineyard uses drip irrigation to promote sustainability and responsible water usage. The existing trees and natural creek behind the property were carefully considered and preserved during the construction process.

This pool and spa are united in a way that makes this project a real stand-out. Yet it’s so carefully crafted that a casual observer would not recognize the precise engineering that was required to get the mirror-finish effect.

Our client wanted to see an unbroken plane of water between the pool and the spa. At first glance, it’s simple: build the spa dam wall to be flush with the pool water surface. But what happens when you want to use the spa and there is displacement of water as you enter the spa?

The engineering of the dam wall and the plumbing system specifications were critical to achieving this result. We took the designer’s desire to have this effect and worked with our engineering team to make it happen.

With the touch of a button, valves rotate to draw water from the pool into a catch basin, lowering the water level by approximately half an inch. This allows the spa's water level to become independent of the pool.

Once the spa has been used and our client wants to return to a unified waterline, another press of the button triggers the motorized valves to return the water from the catch basin back into the pool, raising the pool's elevation by half an inch and equalizing the water levels once again.

With a focus on safety, energy-efficiency, and architectural finesse, this pool, fire feature, landscape and outdoor room project represents what can be achieved when artistry and functionality come together. The contemporary architectural elements of the house blend effortlessly with the new pool, new vineyard, landscaping and the existing trees and creek to create a balance of man-made and natural elements.

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