Unique Infinity Edge

Sophisticated Modern Pool Design

This modern pool design uses a unique overflow design for the pool and a subtle placement for the spa. The backyard was quite large, and split into two levels. The vision for this design project was to create an entertaining space for kids and adults, while creating a modern look and feel.

We created a dramatic nighttime view by creating an uplighting effect on the infinity edge of the pool.

The infinity edge design of the pool itself looks simple, but actually uses a unique form of the vanishing edge to add sophistication to this modern pool design.

The curved infinity edge spills over into an underground well rather than a catch basin, similar to a perimeter overflow. There is no pool or any other water feature below so it looks as if the spillover disappears into the ground. Instead, it goes back into the system and is recirculated and reused.

The theme of water conservation and management was extended into the upper deck level with a “lawn” of synthetic grass. The bands of turf between the concrete slabs add a modern geometric element as well as a way to control water run-off.

The spa also has a unique design. The spa walls sit just below the water level of the pool. There is some mingling of the pool and spa water, but heating elements within the spa keep it at the most relaxing temperature.

The hardscape around the pool and on the lower patio area is made of natural Bluestone which is a volcanic stone that gained texture over its millions of years of age. It is extremely hard which makes it durable and strong enough to add strength to the pool structure. It also has a natural texture so that it is not slippery when wet and doesn’t lose that texture even when sealed.

Two curved staircases flank either side of the infinity edge leading to the lower lawn. The expansive patio area was softened with inlaid grass. A fire pit lounge to the side of the pool makes for a perfect spot to warm up after the sun goes down and to listen to the sound of the water flowing gently over the infinity edge of this modern pool design.

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