Mountain View Modern

Pool Construction Project

The long, narrow lot of this home in Mountain View lent itself to an elegant and deceptively simple layout. The modern pool design was created to complement the geometric lines of the large window wall of the home as well as provide elements of fun and beauty.

The pool features a unique infinity edge. These are usually facing outward, toward a view or off the side of a hill, but this was designed to become a water feature that could be enjoyed from inside the house. The catch basin of the infinity edge was deliberately created extra large so that it could serve as a splash pool for little children.

A running shelf extends nearly the length of the pool, with steps leading down to the pool floor. This shelf creates an additional play area for the grandkids or a great place for the homeowners to lay in a few inches of water and take in the sun.

The spa at the far end of the pool continues to echo the straight, modern line design of the pool and home. The spa is outlined by the same travertine that makes up the pool deck and coping. Contrasting square tiles are set into the seating for another subtle, but elegant touch of modern design.

The “grand finale” of this modern pool design is the inclusion of eleven Laminar deck jets which fire shimmering streams of water that arc into the pool from the sides and the splash pool. During the day, these can create a fun element of play and whimsy for the grandchildren. At night, LED lighting turns the arcs of water into a fantastic display of light and water that creates a spectacular view from inside this Bay Area home.

The homeowner was so thrilled with the final outcome that he took and shared all of the completed project images you see here.

This modern pool design project was constructed by us, but not designed by the Artisan Home Resorts team.

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