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Artisan Home Resorts was faced with the task of working with a large triangular lot with awkwardly placed converging fence lines that drew the eye to the harshly angled corner. The lot backs up to a shopping center and a well-traveled bike and walking path. The sharp lines and angles combined with the potential noise and activity weren’t relaxing or soothing and certainly didn’t match the client’s desire to have an inviting natural environment with the look and feel of a Maui grotto.

The homeowners interviewed several other pool and landscape design firms but chose us because of our creativity and ability to solve all of their landscape issues.

Unlike many of our projects in the Bay Area where there is often lush vegetation and wonderful full-grown trees to work with, this lot was nothing but barren dirt. It would be a challenge to design a pool and landscape design with a luxurious green environment that didn’t look brand new but we were ready to take it on.

We centered this tropical design around a large, freeform swimming pool. The dirt from the pool excavation was used to build up the area behind the pool. This elevated space created the base for a large rock waterfall with multiple spillways into the pool.

The spa was intentionally nestled into the rock formation to give the feel of a secluded and private pool. This raised spa has a waterfall falling into it from above and a large ledge spilling water into the pool below. The ledge spillway doubles as a jumping rock into the deep end of the pool.

We softened the edges of the landscape design while elevating the Maui feel by incorporating tropical plants and investing in large, well-grown palm trees that were tucked in among the rocks. This vegetation hides the spa from view from the back and sides.

The grand raised rock and waterfall design element serves to camouflage the homeowners’ view of the adjacent shopping center, creates privacy for the homeowners’ as well as hides the converging fence lines that would otherwise draw the eye to the back corner. The gentle sounds of the water features also cover up noise from the frequently used bike path that runs directly behind the fence.

Both sides of the waterfall feature transition to more planters bordered by curving raised stone seat walls. The seat wall on the right side of the pool provides a place to enjoy a custom stone fire pit. This fire pit was strategically placed with one wall bordering the swimming pool so that the ambiance of the fire as well as its reflection on the water can be enjoyed from inside the house.

Adjacent to the firepit is a planter island inside the pool that you can swim around. The water path on the back side of the planter has a sheltered nook with swim up bar stools allowing guests to enjoy a glass of wine and bask in the light of the fire pit, all from the comfort of the pool.

The Maui beach pool and landscape design theme was carried over to an expansive thermal shelf with a Sandy Beach Pebbletec plaster finish. Sunbathers can relax under the pool umbrella in the sandy cove created by the two large boulders that flank the transition to the main swimming pool.

This pool has multiple underwater lights in the pool and spa for a beautiful nighttime view. There is also an in floor cleaning system for reduced maintenance and to keep the pool sparkling and clear.

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