Pool Chemical Automation & Monitoring: Our Secret to Reliable Pool Maintenance

Luxury pools like those that we design and build for our clients are complex systems, often with multiple water features and pumps. It takes some time and effort to keep everything running well. Unfortunately, many pool owners have come to believe that constant repairs and maintenance are just part of the luxury pool owner’s experience. That’s not true if the system is designed correctly and if you use technology such as pool chemical automation and monitoring.

“I advise all of our clients to make sure that they have a very consistent pool maintenance and chemical monitoring program in place,” says Rick Pendleton, “Many of them think this simply means hiring a pool maintenance professional. But that’s going to be someone who is there maybe once a week or probably less often. Your pool is changing every day, every hour and that pool person is not going to be there for constant adjustments.”

That’s why we recommend pool chemical automation with 24/7 monitoring for all of our pool design and build clients. These systems analyze the chemistry of the pool every day, minute-by-minute, then communicate that information to whomever the homeowner assigns to receive that information.

The pool chemical automation and monitoring system works through an internet connection and reports to a smartphone app. The system automatically provides regular reports and sends an alert if there’s a problem with the chemistry. It will also automatically adjust and add chemicals as needed to maintain perfect clarity. Sensors continually monitor the water to make sure that optimal chemical levels are in place and that they are at completely safe levels.

Image of vivoaquatics pool chemical monitoring system

Pool equipment areas can be supplied with a camera and a microphone so that you can actually see and hear the pumps and motors. You have the assurance of a visual confirmation at the same time you're getting the data and alerts on your computer or smartphone.

Our clients appreciate these systems because they reduce the chance of human error, slow reaction times or the potential for negligence. The system can send alerts or reports to multiple users which can include the service or maintenance company. There’s no longer a delay of days or weeks before someone knows there is a problem. The homeowner knows, the service company knows and they both know that the other party has been informed. It creates a great deal of accountability and vigilance in keeping the home owner's pool investment in the best possible condition to extend the lifetime of the pool.

Pool chemical automation and monitoring is also a deterrent from letting little problems become big expensive issues. We hear from pool owners who want us to replace a pump, a heater, or replaster their entire pool because the problems were undetected. We refer them to preferred vendors because we don’t do maintenance or replastering (we do offer remodeling), but the whole issue could have been avoided in the first place with proper pool chemical automation and monitoring.

We like and recommend these systems because they make maintaining even a luxury pool with complex water and fire features simple and easy, and they could literally save a pool owner tens of thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. These systems are available for new pool installations and can be retrofitted into older pools as well. The technology that we are using in our systems was initially developed 60 years ago for university, hotel, and resort pools so we know it is more than adequate for even the largest, most complicated resort-style pool design.

We build some of the world’s most luxurious pools and we want our clients to enjoy them for a very long time. We want our clients to be protected and we want to help them to set greater accountability in place with their pool maintenance companies. 

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