Mediterranean Landscape Design Ideas

When looking for Mediterranean landscape design ideas, we start with the core elements of Mediterranean architecture which is a classic regional design is known for tiled roofs, plastered walls, earth tones, stonework and tilework throughout the home. The landscaping includes those elements - especially stone and tile - plus drought-tolerant plants which manage to still be lush when mingled with elegant water features.

This sun-kissed style is frequently seen in California because it shares the Mediterranean climate with the original region. This means warm to hot summers with only rare rainfall and short, mild winters witch are the wettest time of year but still dry by comparison to much of the U.S. Our home base in the Bay Area may see more rain than Central or Southern California, but the Mediterranean influence and landscaping is still prevalent. While Tennessee has much greater rainfall, the warm summers mean that trees such as figs, lavender and rosemary can do well.

Before you decide you want a landscape based on this classic style, we'll start by looking at your home's architecture. While your estate doesn't have to be Mediterranean in every detail, you may not want a complete disconnect between your home and your property. The landscape design of your property should be cohesive with the architecture of your home, amplifying its beauty whether you chooses a type of classic, contemporary, modern, or traditional style. Our landscape design team can provide guidance on how much you can match or contrast with your home if you have your heart set on a Mediterranean landscape.

Start by thinking about how you’ll want to utilize your outdoor space how it will work with your home. For example, does the color palette and décor on the inside of your home consist of neutral tones? Or bright vibrant tones? Do you want your indoor space to be for relaxation and your backyard to be for excitement, entertainment and engaging with your senses? Then you can fill your landscape with the colorful plants, tiles and décor that make up the Mediterranean landscape design. No matter your style, there should always be a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Once you have established the design direction and the purpose/feelings you want your space to evoke, our design team will help you choose the plants that will transform your property into a resort-style home. Fruitless olive trees are the classic "go-to" for bringing a Mediterranean landscape sensibility to a California property but Mediterranean gardens can feature a wide variety of flowers and plants that are heat and drought tolerant such as:

  • the Mediterranean fan palm
  • autumn sage
  • English lavender
  • Spanish lavender
  • Orchid rockrose
  • rosemary
  • purple three-awn (a large, elegant grass)
  • silver carpet
  • succulents including agave and yucca
  • olive and mulberry trees

Bring bright colors into the mix with furniture, tile and living elements including flowers such as Coreopsis, Blanket flowers and sunflowers. Silver-gray plants like catmint and sage will set them off.

Our designs are often lavish in scale, but we also work with small yards in the Bay Area to create the illusion of spaciousness.

The architectural elements and décor we choose to introduce to your backyard will also play a part in the feel of your space. Mediterranean landscapes frequently include fountains, reflecting mosaic pools, terracotta pots, stone or tile accent walls and statues or sculptures.

If you're adding a swimming pool, fire feature, waterslide, waterfall or outdoor kitchen, we make sure that the entire design is cohesive and that the Mediterranean design is part of the complete picture.

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