The 5 Most Luxurious Pool Designs & Landscape Elements

What makes a pool and landscape look upscale and lavish no matter the design style? It’s a combination of luxurious pool designs and landscape elements with original ideas.

These elements will bring together your pool, hardscapes, home and surrounding greenery into one idea, one design that will stop your guests in their tracks.

Here are five of the most show-stopping pool and landscape design ideas that will turn a big but boring project into a unique legacy for your home.

Show-Stopping Hardscapes

At the very core of a luxurious pool design and backyard landscape is a marrying of hardscapes and the pool. Rather than a serpentine stone walkway that simply curves around the pool and out to the garden, consider folding the walkway into the water.

You now have a surprising and eye-catching element in the landscape. By folding it into the wall, curving it down, and allowing it to go into the water, much like a serpent itself, it's part of the walkway and a part of the pool.

In the same way, rather than your typical rectangular pool and adjoining walkway, create a resort feel by folding the deck down until it becomes like a beach. It's functional, it's artistic, and it seamlessly blends the pool into the hardscape.

This is the concept behind an infinity edge pool. It blurs the lines between where the pool ends and the sky begins, beckoning you to imagine soaring and diving like an aquatic bird.

This infinity edge pool design in the Bay Area invites the eye to explore space and sky.

In-Pool Murals

Rather than a single strip of tile along the edge, a luxurious pool design takes that strip of tile down to the floor to create an underwater mural.

In the same way that artists paint murals on the ground, use tile on the floor of the pool to fool the eyes, giving the image depth and a three dimensional look. The mural is your underwater painting, a piece of art. Highlight your mural with LED lights in the floor of the pool that illuminate the mural at night — thereby showcasing it like any fine art piece.

Unexpected Lighting

Underwater lighting is an element of every resort-style pool. Don’t just light the pool with one or two lights, but rather broadcast your light positions. Bring the water alive at night with lights that change color, accentuating the water's movement or contrasting stillness.

Lighting effects can move beyond the pool itself. On a recent build we had a manifold built into the ceiling with a variety of colored LEDs. A curtain of water falls 15 feet down into a concrete receiver below and it changes colors with the threads of light.

We've incorporated unique lighting in the outdoor kitchen. The large light panel contained LED lights behind plexiglass, but was covered by a wave pattern laser cut in steel. This created a modern, contemporary look that illuminates the night.

Magical lighting in unexpected places is a sign of a luxurious pool design and landscape.

Fire with Water

Fire is an unexpected design element that creates a luxurious feel and a soothing ambiance. You must go beyond the traditional fire pit.

We’ve built columns with fire bowls on top of them, creating a high vertical element. Visualize a 60-foot tower column with a ball sitting on top of it. When the fire comes on at night, it draws the eye from the side of the pool up to the flames. The element of fire brings a sense of magic and great depth to the pool at nighttime.

Luxurious Functional Elements

To create a comprehensive backyard experience where entertaining can be center-stage, luxurious pool designs will beautifully incorporate functional elements, including:

  • Conversation areas
  • Outdoor kitchens & pizza ovens
  • He and She sheds
  • Wine cellars

At Artisan Home Resorts, we’re meticulous and take great pride in our unique, luxury designs and installations. Call us to find out what we can do to transform your property into a resort-style home environment.


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