Where to Get Inspiration for Pool Designs You'll Love

Where do we get inspiration for pool designs that our clients love? We look at their existing home, their current landscape design and we have them tell us about the other places they love.

Remember the secluded grotto you found on your honeymoon? Or the trip to Italy where you got engaged? What about your family hiking trips? Sometimes our clients want to recreate the memories and the look and feel of their most important travels.

We’ve created luxurious, spectacular and relaxing pools that bring our clients memories to life, over and over again.

Here are four of our favorite pool inspiration stories from our clients.


Pool Inspiration: Italy

Who hasn’t dreamed of retiring to an Italian villa in the Tuscan countryside? If you’ve been there or you’ve seen Under the Tuscan Sun, you may still be dreaming of it. Our Italian Villa inspired pool project leveraged the warmth of California to support Mediterranean design landscaping, along with old world touches of tile and stone.

Two fountains and a square design brings to mind the many plazas found throughout Italy. The added touch of a pizza oven and BBQ brought a bit of modern U.S. to the Italian-inspired design.

Italian / Mediterranean inspired pool design project.


Inspiration for Pool Designs x2: Hawaii

Even though so many of our clients are surrounded by or living in the beautiful Bay Area hills, many are inspired by trips to Hawaii and the tropical, lush feel of the islands. Two of our favorite projects reflect that inspiration.

Maui Dreams was built on a dry, barren lot. Our challenge was to bring the lush feel of Maui, complete with a sun shelf entry, lava stone fire pit and hidden spa grotto.

Hawaii in California was already surrounded by greenery but the lot was on a slope. We took advantage of this and created a multilayer hillside pool with multiple waterfalls.

Hawaii in California. Project inspired by Hawaiian travels.


Natural Inspiration: Angel Falls

This pool inspiration actually came from our founder, Rick Pendleton. He grew up within 2 hours of Yosemite at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. When the client told Rick that he wanted a natural pool design with waterfalls, Rick remembered his adventures at Angel Falls which is located on the way to Yosemite. This hidden gem on the client property in the Bay Area hills has a series of small cascades and waterfalls leading to a deep plunging pool. This incredible project is one of Rick’s personal favorites.

Photo of Angel Falls project, inspiration for pool design project was a location called Angel Falls.


Famous Sites: Greece

Santorini is one of the most famous islands in the world and home to some of the most recognizable and iconic building designs. The blue roofs and white walls of the cliffside community immediately bring a seaside sense of relaxation and ease to mind.

That’s what our clients wanted from the project we call Santorini Dreams. From the multi-level pool to the 180 degree perimeter overflow spa, the entire design is crafted to encourage lounging poolside or on the thermal shelf or by the firepit-side.

Artisan Home Resorts Pool and Landscape Design Project Mediterranean Pool Design Image 6. Example of Mediterranean inspiration for pool designs.



While these classic travel destinations have produced some of our favorite projects, we’d love to roam even further with our imaginations. Where do you love to roam? What travels have inspired your pool dreams?

Does your pool inspiration look like a gorgeous beach house in Thailand? Maybe it’s the geothermal pools in Iceland. Or a tropical waterfall in Costa Rica. Whatever your luxury pool and spa dreams look like, we can make them a reality. We can’t wait to help you!


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