How Landscape Design Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Does building a pool increase a home's value? It’s a common question that every pool designer has heard many times over. Even though we’re known for our luxury pools, at Artisan Home Resorts we ask a different question, “How does your swimming pool and landscape increase the value of your home to you?”

While most people think about it from the perspective of getting a big return on investment when they sell their house, our clients are thinking about the value they get while they live in their home. 

Our perspective asks, “What value can we add to a homeowner’s enjoyment of their space? How can we design and build something that is spectacular to look at while also of great use to them?”


Expand Your Definition of Landscaping

We start by defining landscaping as a much bigger idea than trees and shrubs. It’s everything on your property: trees, plants, hardscape, additional structures and yes, the pool. The entire landscape, pool included, is just as important as the house. It’s what sustains or supports the architectural integrity of the home’s beauty and utility.

Image of landscaping incorporating hardscape and existing trees - how you increase home value by thoughtful design.

We view your backyard as an integral part of your living space and think it should be given as much attention as your interior spaces when it comes to landscape design and decoration. By integrating your home and landscaping and making the outdoors just as functional, entertaining and relaxing as the indoors, you can double or triple your living space.

While Bay Area homeowners enjoy better weather than most, your landscape still needs to be enjoyable year-round, not just in the summer. If it’s designed correctly, there’s always a place to go and enjoy, even in the winter time. Paying attention to this key element of landscape design heightens your enjoyment and increases the value of your home.


Add Functional Elements

Once you start thinking of landscaping in a bigger way, you can increase your home value directly by adding these functional elements.



  • Outdoor Kitchens

    We’ve designed outdoor kitchens and barbecues with custom artwork, special lighting, pizza ovens, additional grills, warmers, chillers, refrigerators, sinks and more. We’ve even designed projects with two outdoor kitchens. This adds incredible value because kitchens are one of the central spaces where everyone seems to gather in a home. Consider bringing your guests together with an outdoor cooking and dining area just as appealing as the indoor space.

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

    An ADU might be an “in-law” set up, a guest house or it could be an elaborate pool house with a shower, a bedroom or even a kitchen. Either way, it’s important to integrate it with the water environment. You want the pool to be enjoyed from both vantage points, the main house and the guest house.
  • NanaWalls

    These are folding doors or glass walls that reach from floor to ceiling. We’ve designed them for pool houses and had clients add them to their homes so that they could seamlessly integrate their ADU or home into their pool, landscape and outdoor space.
  • Covered Spaces

    Covers protect you from the sun and give you a place to install misters and fans for hot sunny days. No one wants to sit in the rain and drink a glass of wine, so we always create a covered space, from pergolas to patio covers, sunrooms, and shade structures. These create a place of comfort and safety from the elements whether heat, wind or rain. Now imagine that glass of chilled wine next to a warm fire pit while listening to the soft sounds of rain overhead.

Our final answer to the question whether a pool will increase your home value? Yes – if you have it thoughtfully designed to work with a landscape design that increases your enjoyment and use of your entire living space, indoors and out.


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