Is An In-Floor Pool Cleaning System Worth It?

When you’re done vacuuming your living room, you don’t leave the vacuum in the middle of the floor. So why would you leave a pool-cleaning vacuum in the middle of your pool? We want every aspect of our designs including the cleaning to be aesthetically pleasing and ready at all times for our clients to enjoy. Our pool designs have been called “watershapes” and “liquid engineered works of art vs swimming pools.” You don't leave tools in the middle of artwork. That’s why we think in-floor pool cleaning systems are worth the investment.

We prefer Paramount’s PV3 In-Floor Cleaning & Circulation system. We’ve worked with John Anderson, Western Regional Director of Paramount for many years on many custom pool design projects. John has worked with architects, pool owners and large construction companies to provide expert guidance on choosing and installing these systems.

Image of custom in-ground swimming pool with in-floor pool cleaning system.

Look closely to the left of the rock to see how well the pool cleaning pop-ups blend in.

If you had an in-floor system 10 or 20 years ago, it’s worth looking at again. Both John and Rick Pendleton, founder of Artisan Home Resorts, have both seen the evolution of in-floor pool cleaners from systems that were problematic to the robust, well-designed systems that Paramount has engineered today.

We’ve written about the complete pool design process previously, and the in-floor pool cleaning step comes in once our final design is approved. John then takes the blueprints to Paramount’s engineers and they create a blueprint that is engineered to work perfectly with that client's custom pool design. This ensures that every corner of the pool stays clean.

Here’s how the Paramount PV3 system works and why it’s a superior means of keeping your pool sparkling clean.

Simplified and Perfect Pool Maintenance

Much like pool chemical automation systems, the PV3 helps the pool clean itself without any effort on the homeowner’s part. Unlike traditional robotic cleaners (yes, there’s a Roomba-like system for pools) or vacuum and hose systems, the PV3 system uses nozzles built into the floor of the pool, spa, steps, and benches.

These nozzles are activated by Paramount's unique water valve system. They pop up in a controlled sequence and direct a stream of water to move dirt, leaves and debris towards a safety drain which also pops up. The dirt is then taken to a pool-side canister that is easy to remove and clean. Once the job is done, all the nozzles and drains drop back into the pool floor. These pop-up nozzles are virtually flush with the pool’s surface when down and come in a choice of several colors, allowing them to blend closely to your plaster color.

In this project, the drain is visible in the bottom right of the photo and the jets are faintly visible along the edges. The circles in the catch basin are inlets for the pumps to return water to the pool.

Modern pool design with in-floor pool cleaning system.

Additional Benefits of In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems

Imagine the animated brooms from the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” except smaller and never out of your control. You don’t even have to turn the system on if you’ve connected it to your automated system. Even without an automated system, the PV3 can be programmed on its own schedule to run alongside your other systems so that you never have to think about turning it on.

There are no reminders, no last meaning pool cleaning and no dirty spots or neglected corners. The pool is always perfectly sparkling clean and ready at all times for exercise, entertaining or family fun.

Unlike traditional pool cleaning, which returns water to the top of the pool, the PV3 circulates water by returning it through the floor. This mixes the water which reduces the chemicals needed, reduces heating costs and provides a more consistent temperature. With the PV3 system, even without a heater, the sun's warmth is evenly circulated to every depth of the pool, extending the swimming season.

Artisan Pools and Paramount Cleaners

If you’re building a new pool in the Bay Area or looking for a complete pool remodel, reach out to us.

“Artisan Home Resorts is not just the name of the company but defines what the company does. Rick and his team are craftsmen, putting the art and emotion into the home and yard and creating a resort-like atmosphere for his clients.”
John Anderson, Western Regional Manager, Paramount In-Floor Cleaning Systems

Thanks to John’s expertise and advocacy, Paramount’s in-floor pool cleaning systems are our choice for effortless pool maintenance. Their systems set the bar high, providing superior cleaning, enhanced circulation, and improved energy efficiency. Our clients can enjoy a sparkling clean pool without the hassle of manual cleaning or ugly hoses and vacuums. It’s truly worth it for simplifying your pool ownership experience, making your pool life effortless.

Learn more about the system and see it in action here:


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