What are the trends in landscape design? What are the most cutting-edge pool designs? Where can your imagination take your outdoor living spaces? The Artisan Home Resorts blog will take you there.

5 Luxury Pool Options That Elevate Every Design

The decision to have a new custom pool designed is an exciting one. You probably have some ideas of the pool options you want, perhaps from seeing a friend’s pool or from looking at pool design ideas and projects online. Our clients often have several wish list items ready for their first meeting with our […]

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How the Pool and Landscape Design Process Works

What should you, as a homeowner, expect from Artisan Home Resorts during the custom pool and landscape design process? It's a very different experience from hiring a gardener / landscaper, choosing a pool design out of a catalog or looking at pool installation company websites. Custom swimming pool and landscape design should start (and continue […]

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The Saltwater Pool System: What Homeowners Should Know

Should you install a new saltwater pool or update your existing swimming pool with a saltwater pool system? If you're envisioning a little piece of the ocean in your backyard, let us share with you the reality and the pros and the cons of a saltwater pool. The phrase “saltwater pool” is a bit misleading. […]

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Pool Chemical Automation & Monitoring: Our Secret to Reliable Pool Maintenance

Luxury pools like those that we design and build for our clients are complex systems, often with multiple water features and pumps. It takes some time and effort to keep everything running well. Unfortunately, many pool owners have come to believe that constant repairs and maintenance are just part of the luxury pool owner’s experience. […]

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5 Things Every Bay Area Pool Installation Has In Common

After 35 years of landscape design and Bay Area pool installation, we’re certain that San Francisco, Los Altos and the surrounding areas are some of the most unique parts of California. The rolling hills, the diverse culture, and the many events, restaurants and activities make it an exciting and attractive place to visit and live. […]

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How We Use 3D Landscape Design In Pool Construction

Our brains are very good at imagining how wonderful it would feel to have an incredible, resort-style pool and landscape in our backyard. But it’s much less skilled at visualizing exactly how it would look, especially from a set of blueprints. That’s why we use 3D landscape design and rendering. If you’re considering a complete […]

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How Landscape Design Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Does building a pool increase a home's value? It’s a common question that every pool designer has heard many times over. Even though we’re known for our luxury pools, at Artisan Home Resorts we ask a different question, “How does your swimming pool and landscape increase the value of your home to you?” While most […]

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Backyard Entertaining: How to Create Outdoor Seating To Entertain

Backyard entertaining plans usually start with food and music, but an often-overlooked secret to great entertaining is seating. The right type of seating and placement creates an environment that makes for comfortable dining, flowing conversations and enjoyable mingling. Here’s what you need to know about furniture, placement and overall design of outdoor seating arrangements that […]

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The 5 Most Sophisticated Resort-Style Pool Elements

If you want to lounge around a luxurious resort-style pool, why travel? At Artisan Home Resorts, we create swimming pools and landscapes that compare side-by-side with even the most high-end luxury hotels and resorts. What is it that turns an ordinary backyard into a resort-style pool and landscape? Here are the five elements that we […]

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The 5 Most Luxurious Pool Designs & Landscape Elements

What makes a pool and landscape look upscale and lavish no matter the design style? It’s a combination of luxurious pool designs and landscape elements with original ideas. These elements will bring together your pool, hardscapes, home and surrounding greenery into one idea, one design that will stop your guests in their tracks. Here are […]

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