What are the trends in landscape design? What are the most cutting-edge pool designs? Where can your imagination take your outdoor living spaces? The Artisan Home Resorts blog will take you there.

Why Fall and Winter is the Best Time to Build a Pool in California Bay Area

The crisp falls and mild winters in the Bay Area of California are an ideal time to enjoy your outdoor spaces. It’s also the best time to build a pool - or at least it's the ideal time to start the process of having your new pool designed and built.  Homeowners who want to have […]

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Why Add a California Room to Your Home and Pool?

After 35 years of designing pools and landscapes, we've created California Rooms long before they were called California Rooms. It's a trend that has spread across the country but with our mild winters and cool summers, they could be more precisely called the California Bay Area Room. Let’s show you exactly what they are and […]

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Is An In-Floor Pool Cleaning System Worth It?

When you’re done vacuuming your living room, you don’t leave the vacuum in the middle of the floor. So why would you leave a pool-cleaning vacuum in the middle of your pool? We want every aspect of our designs including the cleaning to be aesthetically pleasing and ready at all times for our clients to […]

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Pool Remodel With 14 Luxury Upgrades

What does it take to take a pool remodel from an average renovation to a complete landscape transformation? Luxury upgrades from a custom water curtain to a 1000+ square foot pool house. We recently completed a modern pool remodel in the Bay Area. The lot was just over 1 acre, but it looked much smaller […]

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Custom Pool and Spa Project Final Walkthrough

Building a custom pool, spa and landscape begins with an idea. It ends with you, lounging poolside, drink in your hand, gazing at your incredible finished pool and spa project. Will it be worth it? And how do you get there? What will it look like along the way? If you’ve browsed the Artisan pools […]

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Where to Get Inspiration for Pool Designs You'll Love

Where do we get inspiration for pool designs that our clients love? We look at their existing home, their current landscape design and we have them tell us about the other places they love. Remember the secluded grotto you found on your honeymoon? Or the trip to Italy where you got engaged? What about your […]

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Custom Swim Spa or Swimming Pool? How to Choose

Should you choose a swim spa, swimming pool or maybe both for your new custom pool and landscape design? Let us show you the differences and why you would choose one over the other. What’s the biggest difference? A swim spa has qualities of a swimming pool and a spa. It’s larger than a traditional […]

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The Most Important Elements in a First-Class Outdoor Kitchen

Do you want to make an outdoor kitchen a key feature of your new landscape and pool-building project? If you’re planning a significant renovation of your outdoor space, there are three things to consider because your choices will reflect on your lifestyle and the quality of your home entertaining. We spoke with Christopher Lines, our […]

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Swimming Pool Automation for Inground Pools & Spas

Do you remember the pool you had as a kid? Maintenance was easy: fish out the leaves and add more water from the hose. Today’s luxury pools are several magnitudes more complicated than those summer popup pools. This is why we recommend complete swimming pool automation for every aspect of using and maintaining your pool […]

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Replaster, Reshape or Remodel Your Pool? How to Choose.

Congratulations, you’ve purchased a home that’s nearly perfect for you. But the existing pool needs some help. Should you repair it, renovate it or start over? Here’s how to know whether to replaster, reshape or remodel a pool. Start by have a professional pool installer assess the condition of the pool. The interior finish or […]

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