Why Fall and Winter is the Best Time to Build a Pool in California Bay Area

The crisp falls and mild winters in the Bay Area of California are an ideal time to enjoy your outdoor spaces. It’s also the best time to build a pool - or at least it's the ideal time to start the process of having your new pool designed and built. 

Homeowners who want to have their project finished sooner are wise to be contrarians. Most people think about pools in the summer, therefore they start looking for a pool builder in the summer. 

Instead, here’s why fall and winter are the most opportune seasons for homeowners in the Bay Area to look into a new pool and landscape design.

Beat the Summer Rush

One of the most significant benefits of starting your pool project in the fall or winter is the ability to avoid the intense summer rush for pool designers and contractors. During the warmer months, demand for pool installations in California increases substantially. As a result, the best contractors are often booked months in advance.

According to a report by the California Pool and Spa Association, the demand for pool installations peaks during the summer months, leading to longer waiting times for contractors. By starting your project in winter, you reduce your chances of waiting in line with everyone else.

More Efficient Permitting

Getting the necessary permits and approvals for pool construction is a crucial step in the process, and it can be especially time-consuming in the Bay Area depending on your municipality. During peak construction season (i.e. summer), permitting offices may experience even higher demand and longer processing times.

Begin Sooner and Swim Sooner

A high-end, resort-style, luxury pool design and installation project usually entails not just a pool design, but a spa, outdoor kitchen, and landscape design.There are many decisions to be made by the homeowner which can be streamlined by an experienced designer, but which do take time. After the design is approved, the construction needs to be scheduled, the design is built, and then there’s the final inspection.

The benefit of starting the design process in the fall or winter is that it’s the perfect opportunity to do the design and planning, rather than waiting to build during the rainy season.

Start Planning Your Summer Now

Building a luxury pool might not be top of mind in the fall or winter, but it is the best time of year to start planning your luxury pool design project. Contact us here before January 31st to see what we can do with your pool and landscaping dreams.

Image of a pool in the Bay Area of California.


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