Luxury Pool Upgrade: Automatic Pool Chemical Monitor System

If you are looking for a more hands-off approach to keeping your pool beautifully clear without having to constantly test your pool chemical levels, consider installing an automatic pool chemical monitor or wi-fi pool monitoring system. It's a luxurious, high-tech upgrade for monitoring your pool’s chemistry. 

At Artisan Home Resorts, we design and install luxury in-ground pools that can include one of these systems or we can design and install your system for your existing pool or your pool remodel.

Your pool’s chemistry is continually monitored ensuring even the slightest variance from the ideal range is corrected. Properly maintained water chemistry is important for the safety and aesthetics of your swimming pool and associated waterways.

This automated protocol gives pool owners the peace of mind that their swimming water is maintaining optimal chemistry levels so their pools are completely safe for swimming. The balanced water also helps to prolong the life of a swimming pool’s finishes. Over time, unbalanced pool water can cause damage to the pool’s plaster, tile, and related components. Poorly maintained pool chemistry is a most frequent cause for replacement pool heaters and/or re-piping. Prolonged chemical imbalances may lead to several  irreparable harms requiring new equipment and/or pool refinishing.

Crystal clear water in a luxury pool requires an automatic chemical pool monitoring system.Crystal clear water in a luxury pool requires an automatic chemical pool monitoring system.

The wifi pool chemical monitor system is centered around a set of test cell probes. Pool water is continually monitored as it circulates across these probes. This data is communicated in real time to the chemical controller which then automatically takes corrective action by dispensing metered doses of attendant chemicals, i.e., sanitizer, pH stabilizers, etc.. Whereas typically a pool technician tests the water once or twice a week, leaving  days in between when the water could reach chemical levels that aren’t safe for swimming, internet pool surveillance is constantly monitoring the water, so any water chemistry issues are immediately addressed.

To keep the homeowners informed, reports are sent from the controller at predetermined intervals. These reports can be sent to other designated parties as well, such as your pool maintenance company, so they have a record of the pool’s water chemistry. If something in the pool equipment or surveillance system malfunctions, a warning alert is sent out. This alert system provides a level of accountability: the service technician knows that the homeowner has also received the alert and is expecting a prompt response. 

Artisan Home Resorts not only specializes in making your Artisan pool and home resort dream a reality, but we want to provide our clients a stress-free and optimally functioning system that provides a hands-on, direct means of protecting your substantial investment well into its future.

Call us for a consultation if you are looking to add an automatic pool chemical monitor to your pool in the Bay Area or the Nashville / Franklin TN area.


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