The Designers of Home Resort Living

Rick Pendleton


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Rick Pendleton is the founder and visionary of Artisan Home Resorts. Pursuing his passion for classical design, natural form, and theatrically inspired settings, Rick creates one-of-a-kind outdoor resort estates. He applies his thirty-five years of experience to custom design outdoor environments that inspire the imagination, while comforting the soul. He strives to provide his clients with an experience that will create lifelong memories. Rick Pendleton is a true artist in a class all his own. He is not interested in the ordinary, but rather the extraordinary, the truly transformational: World Class Resort Estates with the feeling of home.

Jerry Simmons


Jerry Simmons is now Artisan Home Resorts’ Home Automation and Integration Specialist! With 18 years as owner of The Appropriate Connections, INC, Jerry has established himself as highly knowledgeable, imaginative and trustworthy. Jerry focuses on the unique needs and tastes of each client, simplifying their routines while enhancing their comfort through home automation. He elevates his clients’ lifestyles including their hosting and entertainment of business associates and friends with state of the art media, sound and lighting. Jerry brings the resort home to his clients with the skill of an expert and the craft of an artisan.

David Griffard


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David has developed a wide variety of skill sets and experiences since his graduation from Colorado State University. For the first 4 years of his professional career, he worked as a field construction superintendent for one of the largest Landscape Construction companies in the country. The latter half of his 10 years of experience was spent working in high end residential design, working on exclusive estates throughout the Peninsula from Pebble Beach to Tiburon. These combined experiences has helped him become an effective creator during the design and construction process. In 2011 David turned his focus to 3D rendering and animation. Using his abilities to create hyper realistic 3D animation and images of proposed designs. While working with high profile clients over the years, David quickly learned that utilizing 3D animation to translate design was an invaluable tool to the client as well as the design team. Using his experiences in design and construction in the 3D process help create accurate models as well as artistic animations that truly speak to the emotions of the design. This new approach to traditional design has helped clients visualize the design process more effectively.

Fred Funch


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Fred Funch is the owner of a design and CADD consulting company and has 44 years of experience in design and urban planning. He has held many roles from Draftsman to Senior Designer to Project Manager of a variety of expansive projects, both public and private, such as hospitals, shopping centers, and custom homes in various states as well as abroad.

Joelle Cruz


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Passionate brand builder and creative director with 20+ years of experience. Joelle creates innovative, visually powerful communications that connect. Strategically embedding emotion into Artisan Home Resorts messaging that grabs the hearts and minds of target audiences, engages attention, and demands response. That is our art and science. Through purposeful discovery and thoughtful analysis, we convert commerce into humanity. That is our craft. We are Artisans.

Austin Scott Pendleton


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Austin joined the Artisan Home Resorts team last year. He is currently studying Criminology in pursuit of a career in law enforcement. Austin expertly keeps our organization running smoothly behind the scenes.