How We Use 3D Landscape Design In Pool Construction

Our brains are very good at imagining how wonderful it would feel to have an incredible, resort-style pool and landscape in our backyard. But it’s much less skilled at visualizing exactly how it would look, especially from a set of blueprints. That’s why we use 3D landscape design and rendering.

If you’re considering a complete pool design or landscape transformation, a 3D pool and landscape design rendering will give you an incredible preview of your resort-style backyard (such as this project with multiple kitchens) before a single shovel of dirt is moved.


Why Designers Use 3D Landscape Design Renderings

Rick Pendleton, the founder of Artisan Home Resorts, has always been a visionary, not only with his one-of-a-kind luxurious pool and landscape designs, but also with his ability to see the end result in his mind's eye. Designers and architects develop the same skill. They learn to visualize the the real-world, 3D expression of two-dimensional architectural renderings.

It’s not so easy for the rest of us. That's why we use 3D renderings to immerse our clients in an incredibly life-like walk-through or birds-eye view of their fantastic future home resorts. These designs are so detailed that they show you  the grand scale as well as the fine nuances.

For example, this 3D rendering that takes you on a video walkthrough of an incredible luxury landscape and pool design for a California wine country estate:


Because 3D landscape design and rendering allows a complete project to be seen as a whole, we’re able to fine-tune designs prior to construction. This also reduces miscommunication and helps the homeowner accurately anticipate the result.


What is 3D Rendering?

Rendering software takes a flat 2D project plan with detailed notations and turns it into a realistic image with texture, light, shadows and even movement. Since this process makes use of lighting, staging and sound effects, it is very similar to cinematography.

This isn’t like the 3D effect you get from movies or amusement park rides. A 3D pool and landscape rendering builds a computer model that realistically displays scenes and objects - such as your house, yard and pool - before they are built.

This video shows the original yard, the blueprint and the final 3d landscape design in sequence.

How 3D Designs are Created

It seems simple when you look at 3D software sites, just drag and drop elements – pools, walls, trees, etc. – and you have a fantasy playground in your yard. Instead, the process starts long before the software is used.

We can create 3D renderings from AutoCAD applications, scanned hard copies, and even hand drawings. The final result is an experience with music, dramatic staging and intriguing transitions. We include day and night scenes as well as showing the movement of water in features such as fountains and waterfalls.

3D landscape design and pool rendering has redefined how designers and developers approach luxury pool and landscape design. We recommend it to all our clients for the benefits, ranging from a much more satisfying design process to an immersive experience for you as a homeowner.

3d landscape design and pool rendering example at night 3d landscape design and pool rendering example - daytime


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