Rick derived inspiration for this project from trips taken as a boy to Angel Falls in the Sierra Nevada mountains, south of Yosemite National Park. We designed this massive waterfall to be at home in the picturesque natural backdrop of rolling hills and endless sky. Nestled in the rocks are three upper pools and a custom-honed rock waterslide. The main pool has a 12 ft deep underwater canyon with a vortex current powered by two 7.5 horsepower pumps. The homeowners enjoy entertaining family and friends at their home resort. They also relish watching local wildlife cool off in the pool’s gentle beach entry.


We gave the Alamo estate a European feel, incorporating authentic elements. The client wanted a venue for both entertaining and relaxing. Thus, there’s a complete outdoor kitchen, staged catering area and service entrance. The anchor is a black-bottom pool with glass tile accents, LED lighting, and natural stone decking. Rising above the pool is an expansive Venetian style bridge that crosses a babbling stream.  The garden is accented with bronze replica statues, light fixtures from the Paris flea market, as well as cast limestone figurines and vases. Behind the bridge are walking paths winding through a lush, green retreat.

Photographs by CP Larson Photography


The interior of this home has a Classical design with arches and columns. Our clients wanted us to create this feel outside as well. The theme was carried to the exterior space with grand arches as the centerpiece of the design. We paid special attention to scale, ensuring that the arches were not dwarfed by the expanse of the 10-acre foothill estate. Fountain Supply Company, of Santa Clarita, CA, designed the pump system, which transformed the arches into magnificent cascading fountains. This focal point was designed to be enjoyed just as much from inside the home as outside.


This client commissioned Artisan Home Resorts to design an estate that would be a legacy for his family: timeless and original while embracing the existing vineyards that are so special to him. He also wanted a space to use for large scale entertaining. The hidden gem in this design is the lower level “man cave” fire pit leading to a wine cellar built into the wall of rock.

California italian garden

The look and feel of the Italian countryside is what our clients desired for their estate. The expansive grounds, hillside, and existing large trees were the perfect canvas. We brought age and Italian character to the home by giving it a fieldstone veneer with exposed grout. The rustic farmhouse theme was continued in the natural stone patio. The simple and clean vanishing edge swimming pool and spa complete the design. LED lighting in the pool adds a bit of nighttime drama.

Italian villa

This couple loves vacationing in Italy and wanted us to create that feel in their landscape design. Using the Mediterranean architecture and authentic aged features of their home as a launching point, we gave them a home resort that transports them back to their Italian vacations. The innovative design also includes elements incorporated specifically with their grandchildren in mind. We custom built a wood-fired pizza oven so grandpa can make pizza, and the swimming pool has a thermal ledge so grandma can relax in the water while watching the kids swim.

Photographs by CP Larson Photography